VIDEO PLAYLIST: Julianna Barwick + Helado Negro of OMBRE



We already told you why OMBRE’s Believe You Me album is a must listen from the likes of Julianna Barwick and Helado Negro–one that reminds us of bonfires, rainstorms, and the last dying days of summer. With that in mind, we asked the duo to divulge their favorite songs of the season. Here’s what they came up with… 

Julianna Barwick

I decided to think of summery songs throughout my life–what I remember hearing coming out of the speakers at the public pool when I was a little kid. Or my parents’ car. Or my beloved jambox, which I often used for recording songs off of the radio, playing and pausing until I had all the words written down in pencil in my Trapper Keeper…This really spans the decades. Hope you enjoy shaking it to me and Roberto’s picks. – Julianna Barwick

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