Brian Case Shares an Unsettling Video From His New Solo Album Spirit Design

Brian Case


While it’s essentially an ambient effort, there’s something unsettling about Spirit Design, the latest solo LP from underground all-star Brian Case (see also: Disappears, Acteurs, 90 Day Men, Bambi Kino Duo). It’s as if the entire affair is unfolding in an echo chamber that’s been sealed off from the rest of the world—a world that’s crumbling before our eyes, with little hope of reversing the rubble.

Director Max Rossner gets it. You’ll see.

Here’s what he had to say about the album’s title track, and the video we’ve unveiled alongside some other solo pieces. Look out for the rest of Spirit Design on August 25th through Hands in the Dark….

while listening to the record
I heard a certain concern and anger
but also felt vastness
getting back and back to the last song
spirit design
once I was thinking about renaissance paintings
and the sky in the background
opened up