Carol Cleveland Sings
“Wishing Well”

Carol Cleveland Sings

More than five years have passed since Thomas Hughes cut his debut cassette as Carol Cleveland Sings, but now that it’s finally back the Spinto Band co-founder/honorary Music Tapes member has recast his solo project as more of a proper indie pop duo. Consider the #selftitledpremiere above your introduction to their debut album, Effervescent Lure, a full-on collaboration with Philadelphia artist Gretchen Lohse.

Here’s what Hughes had to say about it, along with a streaming version of his last tape:

The inspiration for this video was found at the bottom of a YouTube rabbit hole late one evening. I’m not sure what led me there, but the end result was discovering the ’80s French duo, Elli et Jacno. I was instantly transfixed by their minimalist synth pop and charming, archaic video production.

A few months prior I had begun working with [Philadelphia artist/musician] Gretchen Lohse and immediately considered my newly-discovered European electro-pop as a springboard for a fun musical project together. The song was written, costumes were acquired and green-screen footage was captured. Although we ended up recording an entire album of songs, “Wishing Well” was the only one in this particular sonic/aesthetic vein. The spark of Elli et Jacno is still there, and adorned with my love of colors, shapes and mildly psychedelic VHS warble.