LTO of Old Apparatus

Trailing close behind the solo debut of fellow Old Apparatus co-founder Asher Levitas is The Number From Which All Things Come, the first proper long player from LTO. As first revealed via a live video and the previously released single “One Again,” the album sounds like a streamlined Autechre—mechanical and moody without getting too technical. This despite the album’s loose allusions to the number 10 and the writings of ancient Roman occultist Agrippa.

Check out our #selftitledpremiere of “Again” in the video player above and the record’s two previously shared tracks below, right alongside a complete stream of Levitas’ solo LP…


LTO album art

The Number From Which All Things Come
(Sullen Tone, July 8th)

1. Again
2. Revive
3. Bodhran
4. One Girl
5. Awaken
6. One Again
7. Tweleven
8. Nights
9. Ninth
10. Nimal