Mozes and the Firstborn


Before you get too caught up in Great Pile of Nothing’s power chords and hypnotic hooks, you might wanna step back and listen to what Melle Dielesen is actually saying. Because the Mozes and the Firstborn frontman is digging deep into his subconscious for songs like the #selftitledpremiere above. Here’s what he had to say about its video, followed by a complete rundown of the Burger-approved record and its previous single:

I got the idea from a newspaper article I read a couple of years ago about an Austrian teenage couple whom befell the same fate. I thought this story matched the gloomy, dreamy vibe of the song and so I turned it into a tale of a young girl crossing the threshold of maturity only to find death on the other side.


Mozes and the Firstborn
Great Pile of Nothing
(Burger Records, September 9th)

1. Land Of A 1000 Dreams
2. Great Pile Of Nothing
3. Crybaby
4. Power Ranger
5. OC/DC
6. Snowman
7. All Will Fall To Waste
8. Mayday
9. Till The Feeling’s Gone
10. Crawl
11. It’s Over
12. Cruel Wide World