VTR Unveil “Soul to Skin” Video

An 'introspective journey through intimacy and isolation'
So that's why VTR quietly dropped their debut EP (Soul to Skin) on Dream Diary last month—because its spare-yet-spellbinding title track deserves more than a simple Bandcamp rollout. How about a Pulse-produced (see also: Radiohead, Run the Jewels, Beyonce's entire Lemonade project) Savannah Setten video actually? Premiering in the above player, the clip melds with the melancholy of singer-songwriter Kristy Clark and producer Olsi Rama perfectly, and raises quite a few disquieting questions. 

"VTR's track had an intense and emotional effect on me," explains Setten. "As I listened, I began to envision a cult of captivating androgynous men and women—all in an intimate state of reflection, trapped in an unrecognisable space.

She continues, "I wanted the video to offer a space for people to apply their own projections of what the moments of touch, intimacy, and isolation between the men and women really meant to them personally, rather than dictating this to them with a linear narrative. It felt like the visuals could be a much more intimate, personal experience that way."
As for how Clark and Rama feel about Setten's not-safe-for-some film, they had this to say in an email statement: "We wanted the video to explore the themes of isolation, sensuality, unity, community and loyalty portrayed in the lyrics. It was important for us that the moving images created a space for reflection about who we are as individuals and as a group; Savannah’s immersive way of capturing moving images does that beautifully. Her ability to draw you into another world through her visual setting creates such a strong mood for contemplation from start to end."

Check out the rest of VTR's Afriqua-assisted record below, including a cold-pressed cover of a classic Fleetwood Mac tune....