Wanda Group Makes a Mix of Unreleased Music and Deeply Personal Samples

Louis Johnstone’s elusive Wanda Group alias has filtered 30 minutes of previously unreleased music and deeply personal samples through a new Juno Plus mix entitled “A SLAB ABOUT HOW ELSIE DIED AROUND A MONTH AGO.” (As fans of the cortex-crumbling project know, Johnstone is a big fan of all-caps correspondence.)

“Behind this [mix] was my nan,” the producer explained via E-mail. “She died and it did me in. Not in a out of control sense but just the complete idea of her just fuckin’ off into dust has done me. Lovely woman. This mix is just voices of my parents, sister and friends. It contains shit from before she died and after she died. A little digital memory of Elsie. She is gone but I guess we all go somewhere. Well not somewhere but just gone.”

In other news, Wanda Group has at least two other new releases on the way soon, including a record about his two dead dogs (The Outer Alsatian, for Notown Recordings) and an as-yet-unutitled full-length that was wrapped a week ago. He’ll also perform at Astro:Dynamics’ latest London showcase next Friday.

“Just waiting to see how it all pans out,” Johnstone wrote. “I enjoyed doing this [record]. [It’s] probably shit though.”