Wondering Why He’s Just Not Into You Anymore? Or Why You Haven’t Had Sex In Months? The Vaselines Want To Help!

So we had a serious why-the-hell-not epiphany when the Vaselines announced their long-awaited–as in decades–second album a couple months ago. And it goes a little something like this: wouldn’t it be apropos if we asked the pair to answer reader questions about love, sex, and why they’ll never be able to marry their hamster, cat, or horse?

After all, the new Vaselines record is called Sex With an X, and one of their most beloved indie pop jams features the following lines: “You think you’re a man/You are only a boy/You think you’re a man/You are only a toy/You think you’re a man/But you just couldn’t see/You weren’t man enough to satisfy me.”

Preach on, brothers and sisters; preach on. And while you’re busy getting ready to revisit “Monsterpussy,” “Rory Rides Me Raw” and “Molly’s Lips” on the road next month, we’ll be fielding the deepest, darkest queries of your fans.

Here’s how this is gonna work…Check out the two free cuts after the jump, let them sink in a bit, and then leave your battle of the sexes questions as a comment or–if you want to get really real–E-mail our editor. The deadline for submissions to the band’s advice column is Friday at noon EST. Oh, and the “Sex With an X” 7-inch drops on Tuesday.