Zola Jesus Shares New Song, Discusses Next Proper LP

Zola Jesus shared another new song from Versions today—a tension-wracked ballad called “Fall Back”—but that looming stopgap LP (out next Tuesday through Sacred Bones and mostly featuring lush string arrangements of old tracks) isn’t the main thing on her mind these days. The singer’s next album is; according to a Stereogum interview, it’s being wrapped in New York as we speak, the first Zola Jesus full-length to be developed in a proper studio.

“It’s very paranoid,” she says. “It’s about my relationship with humanity and also nature. It’s kind of hard to explain but I have this obsession with land and how humans think that they can claim land. Here in New York people don’t have any land to claim, so when shit goes down, where are they gonna go?

She continues, “I love it here but people are so tense because it’s so unnatural; how they built this concrete world for themselves that they think makes sense in terms of being more productive for the roads and cars. But in a sense it’s far worse.”

Guess she’s not moving to Brooklyn anytime soon?