1MM: School of Seven Bells Close South Street Seaport Season With Shimmering Spectral Pop Set

Photos by Andrew Parks

As you might imagine, self-titled doesn’t condone drug use. However, if you choose to dabble in anything emotion-enhancing, be sure to save School of Seven Bells‘ 11-minute ambient pop epic “Sempiternal/Amaranth” for the second you start peaking. That happened to us once–right in the middle of Times Square after a serious S/T Survived session–and the experience was transcendent to say the least.

Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh, yeah–SVIIB’s free show last Friday. Presented in a setting as surreal as the South Street Seaport (the place reminds us of Boston’s city center without the chowder-clogged bread bowls), songs like “Connjur,” “Half Asleep” and “Face to Face on High Places” seemed to sparkle and fade like the switchboard that is New York’s pale blue skyline. All and all, a great reminded why we put these kids on the cover of our third issue and can’t wait to hear new material beyond their recently-reissued Alpinisms record.

School of Seven Bells @ South Street Seaport, 8.14.09:
Wired For Light
White Elephant Coat
Half Asleep
My Cabal

Face to Face on High Places