Ecstatic Readies Compilation of Abul Mogard’s Cassette Recordings, Works

Abul Mogard - 'Works' album art

You don’t have to buy Abul Mogard’s back story—that he’s a retired factory worker from Serbia making beautiful ambient music—to appreciate how stunning his output has been so far, from last year’s Circular Forms LP to a handful of cassette-only releases for Ecstatic Recordings and Zombi’s VCO imprint. The latter will finally see a digital/double LP release on June 10th, when the producer’s Works compilation lands in shops.

Check out its cover art and lead-off single below…


Abul Mogard
(Ecstatic Recordings, June 10th)

1. Despite Faith
2. Drooping Off
3. The Purpose Of Peace
4. Post Crisis Remembrance
5. Tumbling Relentless Heaps
6. Airless Linger
7. The Sky Had Vanished
8. Desires Are Reminiscences By Now
9. Staring At The Sweeps Of The Desert