Ceremony Want to Read Your Poetry


The last time we checked in with Ceremony singer Ross Farrar, he was still reeling from an s/t-imposed social experiment involving 14 straight hours of watching TV. Now that he’s fully recovered and about to release a new album on Matador, we thought we’d ask Farrar to tackle a new topic: poetry. Dude’s always written stuff on the side you see; in fact, the deluxe edition of The L-Shaped Man includes a 36-page chapbook of exclusive pieces that mirror the music’s lyrics.

Here’s what we want you to do then: pelt our editor with your very best poetry at aparks@self-titledmag.com between now and next Wednesday. He’ll forward a handful of work over to Farrar, who’ll then provide constructive criticism like a college professor in the summer issue of self-titled.

Good luck! And now, for a few selections from The L-Shaped Man