Stellar OM Source Announces Nite-Glo EP

Stellar OM Source


When life turned to loss for Christelle Gauldi recently, she didn’t retreat from the studio. She embraced it, melding her electro-acoustic background with a boundless live setup on four new tracks for RVNG Intl. Due out June 9th, Nite-Glo can be sampled via its lead single below: “Sudden,” a crackling acid-techno cut that sounds like a logical extension of 2013’s Joy One Mile LP.

For a closer look at Gauldi’s creative process, check out her essay on Italian art films and an exclusive mix of Berlin-schooled beats…

Stellar OM Source - 'Nite Glo' cover

Stellar OM Source
(RVNG Intl., June 9th):

1. Sudden
2. Never
3. Live
4. Sure