Lefse Readies Vinyl Reissue of Cornelius’ Long Out-of-Print Fantasma LP


Back when Beck and the Beastie Boys were getting all the love for their cut-and-paste masterpieces Odelay and Paul’s Boutique, Keigo Oyamada fired back with a genre-jumping pop opus of his own: 1997’s Fantasma LP. Long out-of-print, the record will receive a gatefold double vinyl pressing on June 10th through Lefse Records, rounded out by four bonus tracks and an orange crush color scheme.

Revisit two of the record’s songs down below, along with a cover art and a complete tracklisting…

Fantasma_20LPCL_20storenvy_original copy

(Lefse/Post Modern, June 10th)

1. Mic Check
2. The Micro Disneycal World Tour
3. New Music Machine
4. Clash
5. Count Five or Six
6. Monkey
7. Star Fruit Surf Rider
8. Chapter 8 (Seashore and Horizon)
9. Free Fall
10. 2010
11. God Only Knows
12. Thank You For The Music
13. Fantasma
14. Taylor *
15. Lazy *
16. Ball In Kick Off *
17. Typewrite Lesson *

* = bonus tracks