NE193: The Field’s Ambient Mix

Axel Willner is a man of few words, the sort of producer who prefers to let his songs speak for themselves, as cryptic as they may be. In the case of his latest magnum opus as The Field (The Follower, available now on Kompakt), that means another masterclass in minimalism and time-stretched techno, muscular and moody in equal measure, designed for Oliveros-esque deep listening.

To explore the roots of his record even further, we asked Willner to share an exclusive Needle Exchange set. He sent back the following: “an ambient mix to fit the April weather…”

kara-lis coverdale – touch me & die
t.r.a.s.e – harmonium
chi – mahat
anthony child – the chief (reprise)
mica levi – love
eduard artemiev – movements 8 – 17
andrzej korzynski – kreuzberg 4
alessandro cortini – scappa
m. geddes gengras – slider
francis bebey – sunny crypt
aphex twin – untitled
stars of the lid – the atomium pt. 2
daft punk – make love