HTRK Announce New Album, Share the Rumble Strip Rhythms of “Give It Up”

Photo: Robert Bellamy

As we mentioned last month while sharing a semi-related Mika Vaino remix, HTRK recently wrapped their second record for Ghostly International. The label shared a few more crucial details today, including its title (Psychic 9-5 Club), release date (April 1st) and a lead single (“Give It Up”) that retains the duo’s rumble strip rhythms and lean synth lines but leaves out the guitar licks that slithered and snarled their way through their last LP. The change is partially due to the absence of Sean Stewart, who committed suicide in the middle of making Work (Work Work).

Singer Jonnine Standish and her co-producer Nigel Yang were also joined by Excepter’s Nathan Corbin in the New Mexico studio where they recorded the eight-track effort. According to a press release, “Standish explores her vocal range fully—her husky spoken-word drawl remains, but we also hear her laugh and sing. Equally, Yang’s exploratory production techniques—particularly his well-documented love of dub—are given room to shine. They dip headlong into some of the things that make humans tick—love, loss and desire—with the kind of integrity that has marked the band out from day one.”

Check out “Give It Up” below, along with cover art, a complete tracklisting and the video Corbin directed for HTRK a few years ago…

'Psychic 9-5 Club'

HTRK, Psychic 9-5 Club (Ghostly International, April 1st):
1. Give it Up
2. Blue Sunshine
3. Feels like Love
4. Soul Sleep
5. Wet Dream
6. Love is Distraction
7. Chinatown Style
8. The Body You Deserve

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