James Murphy Teams Up With IBM to Make 400 Hours of Music From the US Open

James Murphy has added “algorithm generator” to his post-LCD Soundsystem resume, teaming up with IBM for its US Open Sessions project. If you’re a computer nerd who falls asleep every night thinking of new forms of coding, the idea is quite simple…

“We’re gonna generate almost 400 hours worth of music,” explains Murphy, “only I’m not gonna sit here and play 400 hours of music. I’m setting up a machine to do that… I’m not writing music. I’m generating probabilities for music.”

We’re listening to one of the real-time ‘compositions’ right now—game one of Kohlschreiber v. Llodra—and it’s certainly… interesting, a blend of skittish beats and scattered melodies a producer like Murphy could easily use as building blocks for a proper composition. Let’s hope that’s the end game here. In the meantime, here’s a couple trailers and a priceless press photo…

UPDATE: We can now confirm that Murphy will make 14 remixes of all the weather changes, crowd reactions and hollow point hooks he’s currently recording. They’ll be available for free in the next few weeks via such digital services as Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes. Soundcloud will also be hosting archived versions of each match’s corresponding music—in both short and long versions— which makes this the most compelling corporate gig the DFA co-founder has been involved in since that Manuel Göttsching-inspired Nike mix.