LONG PLAYER OF THE DAY: Vatican Shadow, ‘Kneel Before Religious Icons’

Vatican Shadow - 'Kneel Before Religious Icons'

The Artist/Album: Vatican Shadow, Kneel Before Religious Icons (Hospital Productions, 2011)

A Short Review: In case you couldn’t tell by Dominick Fernow’s recent move to L.A., the seemingly sudden closing of the noise mecca/beloved brick-and-mortar shop Hospital Productions, and his straight-faced alt-rock mix for us, the underground icon is as unpredictable as ever–in the very heat of an exciting, transitional period creatively. The peak of which may be this limited cassette release (now available in a limited LP pressing through Type), a surprisingly subdued foray into the same knackered house territory as labels like Modern Love and Sandwell District. Fernow hinted at this direction on his last Prurient LP, which paired his dead-eyed poetry with ashen atmospherics and fractured electronics. Vatican Shadow is strictly instrumental, though, mowing ominous melodies down with leering synth lines and waves of mechanized beats. It’s also convincing enough to make a case for Fernow as a full-on techno artist, a pedller of gloomy grooves who’d make sense on the same bill as Demdike Stare, Andy Stott and Regis, who, sure enough, is remixing Vatican Shadow very soon.

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