NE171: An Exclusive Sherwood & Pinch Mix

Pinch & Adrian Sherwood

Finally; after two years of trading nascent ideas and fully formed tracks, Pinch and Adrian Sherwood have wrapped their debut record as a duo, Late Night Endless. Available this week through the pair’s two longtime imprints (Tectonic and On-U Sound respectively), it’s a dub odyssey of the highest order, cut with heady strains of techno, reggae, post-punk and jungle.

It’s also the subject of this week’s Needle Exchange mix. Here’s what the selectors had to say about their set:

We wanted to put together a selection of sounds that showcase a sense of shared current sonic interests—tracks that relate to some of the moods and vibe of our LP ‘Late Night Endless’. There’s a blend of fresh upfront cuts, On-U and Tectonic catalogue highlights and the results of a remix trade we bargained with Machinedrum. Everything is mashed together, mixtape cut and paste style—bouncing from one rhythm to the next, samples jumping out of the speakers… All that sort of stuff.

1. Adrian Sherwood ‘Amongst The Grateful’ (On-U Sound)
2. Pursuit Grooves ‘Transformation Of Consciousness’ (Tectonic)
3. Roska ‘Hyperion’ (Tectonic)
4. Scientist vs ASBO ‘Dog Money Dub’ (Tectonic)
5. Sherwood & Pinch ‘Precinct Of Sound’ (On-U Sound vs Tectonic)
6. “DeProgramme You” Adrian Sherwood (unreleased Onu Sound)
7. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry “Train To Doomsville” (from the On-U Sound album Pay It All back Vol.2)
8. Sherwood & Pinch ‘Shadowrun’ (On-U Sound vs Tectonic)
9. Kahn ‘Dread’ (Deep Medi)
10. Sherwood & Pinch ‘Music Killer (Machinedrum remix) (On-U Sound vs Tectonic)
11. Rashad & Spin & Taso ‘Cream’ VIP (Teklife)
12. Defce ‘Purposed’ (Ohm Resistance)
13. Machinedrum ‘Eyesdontlie (Sherwood & Pinch Clash Machinedrum Dub Fi Dub, Downtown, Uptown and All Around Town Remix)’