NE211: Carsten Jost Makes Us a Mix

Carsten Jost

Well well well, look who it is: Dial co-founder Carsen Jost, stepping up to the Needle Exchange plate with a special DJ set that’s about as rare as his solo records.

“This mix was made on Christmas night that I spent alone in bed in the back of my gallery on Canal Street, which is where I live,” the producer explained over email. “I don’t celebrate Christmas because I don’t care about Jesus obviously. Making this mix I was nevertheless thinking a lot about the stars and the ever-expanding universe and its mysterious power sources. It contains some tracks that are and have been really important for me—the music that I make and release over the years and now. You can hear many of these tracks when I DJ out in clubs or in my car playing on road trips.”

Have a listen down below, right alongside a streaming version of Perishable Tactics—Jost’s first proper LP in 17 years—and a few other choice mixes….

Harmony Korine – Act Da Fool
Hans Zimmer – Interstellar (Corn Chase)
John Beltran – Tennis
Richard Ramirez – I Am Evil
Sensorama – Nachtportrait
Alter Ego – Burning The Bristles
Donna Regina – Star Ferry (Isolée Remix)
Herbert – I Hadn’t Known (I Only Heard)
Andy Stott – Long Drive
Omar-S – Take Ya Pik, Nik!!!!!
Obsolete Music Technology – Subdue
Alter Ego – Mensa
Claro Intelecto – Patience
Sleeparchive – Transposition Reverse
Convextion – Tidal Friction
Heiko Laux – Five
Claro Intelecto – Peace of Mind (Electrosoul)
Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers
Rising Sun – What Happened?
LSDXOXO (Feat. Beek) – On Fire


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