NE216: Warden CA’s ‘Day Trip to Moon Rock’ Mix

Moon Rock

Words + Mix WARDEN CA

Ambient isn’t a genre. It’s a feeling. It’s organic. It’s synthetic. It’s a dream. It’s an escape. It’s therapy. It’s a celebration. It’s space. It’s close. It’s instrumental. It’s vocal. It’s relaxing. It’s tense. It’s a long strange trip.

Warden CA have culled a collection of music from various decades, artists, environments and genres to ritualize the release of Throne of Blood’s fourth installment of the lauded Moon Rock compilation series. Tune in and space out…

1. Michele Mercure – Proteus And The Marlin
2. Chi – Before the Mountain
3. KLF – Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in my Soul
4. Arovane – Tomorrow Morning
5. Cocteau Twins – Cherry-Coloured Funk (Recycled by Mark Clifford)
6. Harmonia & Brian Eno – Almost
7. Stars of the Lid – Requiem for Dying Mothers, Pt 2.
8. Coil – Dark River
9. Yoga – Chupacabras Rotting Flesh
10. Alice Coltrane – Krishna Krishna
11. Bark Psychosis – Pendulum Man
12. In Embrace – Tears Turn Fresh (demo)
13. Arthur Russell – Soon-to-be Inncocent/Let’s See
14. Ingleton Falls – Mind Yer Head
15. Warden CA – Something Happens Here
16. Rafael Toral – Soft Energy I
17. Ghislain Poirier – Complementaire de Bleu
18. Smagghe & Cross – We Need Somebody To Love
19. Donnacha Costello – Dry Retch
20. Will Sergeant – Scene III
21. Mamman Sani – Five HUndred Miles
22. Jabru – Tartarus 808 (Solid Spiel Mix)
23. Bing & Ruth – Postcard from Brilliant Orange

Warden CA is a new Toronto-based project featuring Linus Booth and Bryce Kushnier making “experimental dance music” with like-minded loop sculptors. Their debut EP will land over at Lurid Music later this year. Booth also worked on DETOBEAT.’s recent ‘Cliffs’ record. As for Throne of Blood’s ambient side, the New York label doesn’t plan on pressing another Moon Rock compilation but that’s okay; there’s more than enough awesomeness to go around in the four streaming volumes below…