X.Y.R. Unveils the Third Volume of His ‘Warm Pulsations’ Mix Series


While X.Y.R. already has two new records on deck for this fall—next week’s Tourist LP and a New Age tape for Sounds of the Dawn—we’re still wearing out the Russian producer’s Labyrinth LP from last June. With that in mind, we asked him to cut an exclusive ambient mix for our Needle Exchange series. Take it away, Xram Yedinennogo Razmuwlenuja….

Here I collected a mix of pulsating compositions from different periods of time—artists who inspired me to create music in general, including the ‘Labyrinth’ album. There are longtime favorites like Günter Schlienz, M.S.O.T.T., and Roger Davy and new favorites like Huerco S., H. Takahashi, and D.O.D.T. This compilation is a continuation of the ‘Warm Pulsations’ mix series that I did before:

motion sickness of time travel – side a
dang olsen dream tape – following the stream
günter schlienz – games at the creek
h. takahashi – paleozoic
botany – appears (mini verberum)
roger davy – corail dans la mer de tranquillite
deep magic – brighter days
meadowlands – morningstar
matthewdavid & diva – diva’s thumb piano
lunar miasma – restoration
biohimiks from moscow – 6
x.y.r. – snowstorm
bitchin bajas – asian carp
kyle landstra – unveiling open canopy light
x.y.r. – aurora borealis
huerco s. – the sacred dance
vleese – b3