Matrixxman Lends an Exclusive Track to Atmophile Electronics


While it may not seem like the world needs another techno label based in Berlin, Atmophile Electronics sets the record straight with its looming double LP Fun•da•men•tum 001. Due out this Friday, the compilation features eight atmospheric exclusives from such proven underground producers as Matrixxman. Here’s what the sci-fi expert had to say about his contribution….

It is a relatively straightforward track. I simply slapped some drums on and played a synth noise on top. I could tell you an elaborate tale but that would be disingenuous. I didn’t put much deep thought into it.


Atmophile Electronics compilation

Various Artists
Fun•da•men•tum 001
(Atmophile Electronics, September 15th)

1. Ankurbln & Naty Seres – Drone Intro
2. Sofus Forsberg – Mental Transmutation
3. Polar Inertia – Inland Return
4. Ankurbln – Acidophil
5. Matrixxman – Reborn
6. Takaaki Itoh – Norde
7. Mike Parker – Saurian Skin
8. Alderson Disk – Chom Dobu