New Monster Rally Album Takes Us on a Trip Through the Flowering Jungle

Monster Rally


Beat heads and tiki bar types, rejoice; Monster Rally is ready to reveal a new album less than a year after his last. Due out December 15th on Gold Robot Records, Flowering Jungle is a sampledelic journey of jqsmine-scented jams “inspired by the sounds, visuals, and animals of a half-century’s worth of travel and nature documentaries… a companion piece to exploring new and exotic landscapes, wildlife, and communities. The album’s artwork mirrors this concept by featuring portraits of jungle birds in flower-adorned ‘nests’ overtop an abstracted flag of ‘The Flowering Jungle’.”

Check out an exclusive listen to “Sunny Sloth” below, along with a little commentary from the Cleveland native….

With this record I wanted to create the score for a travelogue through ‘The Flowering Jungle’, a lush landscape full of bright colors, exotic plants and animals. I wanted to produce an album that gave a sense of wonder, awe, bliss and exploration. These feelings have been mirrored in my personal life while creating the record as it was created before and immediately after the birth of my twin daughters. “Sunny Sloth” is an introduction to the spirit of this record.

Monster Rally - The Flowering Jungle album cover

Monster Rally
The Flowering Jungle
(Gold Robot, December 15th)

1. Sunny Sloth
2. Toucans
3. Vaqueros De La Isla
4. Tideline
5. Niñas De La Selva
6. Sunshine
7. Lights From Lahaina
8. Love
9. Giant Leaves
10. Bahia Mar
11. Rio
12. Jungle Cruise
13. Hot Flash
14. Sweet Fire
15. Tropico
16. Let’s Go Faraway