Orphan Swords, “Asmoday (Black Rain Remix)”

As if Orphan Swords’ last record (License to Desire) didn’t sound apocalyptic enough, the Belgian duo has recruited such like-minded noisemakers as Helm, Svengalisghost and Black Rain for a free remix EP, available in exchange for an email address at the group’s official site. Due out December 14th, it’s teased via the two alternate “Asmoday” takes below: a previously leaked missive from Prostitutes and a freshly baked #selftitledpremiere from the likes of Shinichi Shimokawa and Stuart Argabright. Here’s what Black Rain’s core members had to say about their contribution:

Black Rain is always on the lookout for fellow travelers. We set out to do something to further the “Asmoday” sonic–dark noise and Phat synth lines, with a complex poly-groove and experimental feel. The primordial appeal of drone, mated with walloping industrial metal percussion and a vocal loop.

In NYC, Stuart selected other samples and rebuilt his system after a hard drive crash. Meanwhile in Tokyo, Shinichi chopped the stems in Cubase, then into Ableton Live. Rocking from A minor to C to G.