Orphan Swords Collide With Black Rain on New Black Swords Project

Having already premiered a sinister Black Rain remix of Orphan Swords last fall, we were happy to hear about their subsequent plan to join forces, all Madvillain like, as Black Swords. Due out next Monday through the Vienna imprint Noiztank, The Future of the Sun is a rough-and-tumble ripper featuring two new extended tracks from the trio of Yannick Franck, Pierre de Mûelenaere, and cult underground figure Stuart Argabright. Here’s what they had to say about the A-side we unveiled below:

Serial experiments
Unstructured high tensile in Brussels basement
Discoveries, the Reveries based on what you had asked previously
August 2017 total solar eclipse US
Shadow Brokers ritual
The Future Of The Sun

Electromagnetic mantra in the honour of transience
The energies of change – reflexion on the inevitable
Possible rebirth – metamorphosis
For it is awareness rather than denial
That brings us beyond obscurity
The Future Of The Sun