Golden Teacher Unveil Latest Brain-Scrambling Single From Debut LP

Golden Teacher


Having spent the past four years treating their groove-locked sound like a giant mound of malleable, iridescent Play-Doh, Golden Teacher is set to hit the ground running early next month with No Luscious Life. Due out November 3rd through the Glasgow group’s own imprint, the LP is described as “not an album by any intention or through any concept. Instead the errant sextet offers these stage-honed compositions and studio-led explorations to all interested parties in strict favour of the need for release. Call it what you want, this is very simply more music from Golden Teacher.”

Check out its latest single below, along with some commentary from percussionist/visual artist Ollie Pitt and the record’s last two official leaks….

“What Fresh Hell is This?” is an (almost) entirely instrumental track that shows the looser, improvisatory side of the band. Vocals used as percussion—dare I say, beat box—intertwine with a harmonica, hand claps, drum machine, live drums, and synths. Synthetic sounds mix with acoustic, then dissipate in echo. It’s a good representation of the playfulness of our recording process. You can definitely hear the influence of dub within the mix but exactly what this music is, is up to you.

Golden Teacher | No Luscious Life album cover

Golden Teacher
No Luscious Life
(Golden Teacher, November 3rd)

1. Sauchiehall Withdrawal
2. Diop
3. Spiritron
4. The Kazimier
5. Shatter (Version)
6. What Fresh Hell Is This?
7. No Luscious Life