Ø [Phase] Shares Restless Track From His Boundary Interactions 12”

Ø [Phase]

If you’re looking to head into the week with your heart racing, we’ve got you covered with this morning’s lead #selftitledpremiere: “Search Party,” a savage A-side selection from Token Records’ own Ø [Phase] that hits shops on March 16th. Here’s what the London-based producer had to say about its hypnotic, left-field hooks, followed by a shot heard round the record’s flip….

“Search Party” came partly out of a desire to satisfy a need for more groove-based energetic/hypnotic tracks to play in my sets. I’ve been using it in its entirety a lot, but also taking looped snatches for layering with satisfactory results.

Ø [Phase] | Search Party vinyl

Ø [Phase]
Boundary Interactions
(Token, March 16th)

A1. Search Party
A2. Microdose
B1. Boundary Interactions