Holodeck Shares Exclusive Samantha Glass Track From Vision One Compilation

Samantha Glass

As Holodeck gets set to show the rest of the world how Austin does South By Southwest next week, the leading Texas label also happens to be readying its 50th release. Due out this Friday, Holodeck Vision One is a highly ambitious collection of exclusive tracks from its extended family. Check out an early listen to Samantha Glass’ contribution below, along with his commentary, a handful of other newly leaked selections, and the imprint’s official SXSW flyers….

Below are the song lyrics and a sentence about the song itself, followed by a relevant quote from the master of words himself, Yukio Mishima….


“This track focuses on the biting emotional weight of what we can learn from reality pausing our attempts to move forward.”

~ The Proof Inside Your Mind ~

No one hopes forever,
no one dreams all night,
it’s in the absence of flavor.

No one lives forever,
no one fights all night,
it’s in the absence of flavor.

Someone will tell you,
that there’s a reason for it,
its in the absence of flight.

Seeing you down, in a careless way.

“I’ve known supreme happiness, and I’m not greedy enough to want what I have to go on forever. Every dream ends. Wouldn’t it be foolish, knowing that nothing lasts forever, to insist that one has a right to do something that does?” —Yukio Mishima

Holodeck | Vision One

Various Artists
Holodeck Vision One
(Holodeck, March 9th)

1. Omni Gardens – Ceiling of the Mind
2. Michael C Sharp – Blublocker
3. Dallas Acid – The Orgy in San Felipe
4. Flatliner – Dream Last Night
5. Jake Schrock – Levitation Station
6. Joey – Fall for Sport
7. Automelodi – Toujours de Jamais
8. Curved Light – Endgame Scenario
9. Michael Stein – No Standards
10. pulseCoder – Hypermuck
11. Thousand Foot Whale Claw – There is a Garden
12. Dust Witch – Sister Planet
13. Virgin Pool – Cloak & Dagger
14. Future Museums – Calcite
15. Sungod – Frequence
16. VVV – Shahmat
17. Kyle Dixon – Dat Way
18. Samantha Glass – The Proof Inside Your Mind
19. LACHANE – Olneyville
20. Smokey Emery – Broken Clouds
21. Dylan Cameron – Graceless Gods
22. Norm Chambers – Crossing Over
23. Windows1995 – Chills Hill
24. Single Lash – Insect Hell
25. JU4N – Gauzing
26. Bill Converse – OK Karplus
27. Symbol – Umasa
28. Skullcaster – Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier
29. Drab Majesty – Cannibal
30. Troller – Rodan

Holodeck Records SXSW

Holodeck Records SXSW