The Manx Tap Cody Votolato, Honus Honus, and More For Odds and Ends Tape


Like Gwar or the vaguely Tool-related Green Jellÿ, The Manx fall smack dab in the middle of the must-be-seen-to-be-believed camp. The self-proclaimed surrealists mostly perform around the LA area, though, due to their day jobs as animators for Adult Swim and such, so we’ve got the next best thing if you’re not sitting poolside on the West Coast: a #selftitledpremiere from the collective’s looming Mystery Skum and the Odyssey of Goo cassette. Due out July 20th, it features 25 “previously unreleased studio giblets and auditory night terrors enthrall you as you’re blasted back to a time when SLUGS ruled the earth!” Among the spoils are exclusive remixes from such esteemed nutcases as Honus Honus and Cody Votolato under his JR Slayer guise.

Get into it below, right alongside the band’s aptly named album Voyage in Bad Taste….

The Manx tour dates:
5/24 Los Angeles, CA – 1720
5/25 Los Angeles, CA -C hurch of Fun
5/26 Long Beach, CA – Toxic Toast
7/15 Los Angeles, CA – Los Globos
7/18 Los Angeles, CA – Resident DTLA
7/28 Tijuana, Mexico – YouRevolution

The Manx
Mystery Skum and the Odyssey of Goo
(Sweatband Records, July 20th)
1. Hand Me The Flesh
2. Mystery Skum
3. Superbowl Funday
4. Plasmatic Debris (Tommy Meehan REMIX)
5. The Armenian Galaxy Overture (Paul Christensen Acoustic Version)
6. Voided Voyage (Sexaroid REMIX)
7. La La La La La La La La La La La La
8. Sac Gargles To Transmed In His Pond Scum Vehicle
9. Glorious Times To All That Suffer (JR SLAYER REMIX)
10. So Much Passion
11. Black In The Trash (304 Angstroms REMIX)
12. The Armenian Galaxy Prelude (Paul Christensen Acoustic Version)
13. The Hateful Spew Has Been Digitized (Featuring Justin Roiland)
14. Sac’s Catastrophic Voyage (DJ Embryonic PETIT sac REMIX)
15. Ziggy’s World Of Wood
16. Salted Peanuts
17. Ziggy’s World Of Worms
18. We Are The Ones
19. The Tunnels Of Bad Taste (Sexaroid REMIX)
20. Arlo’s Soliloquy
21. The Little Lemons Of Diggity Doom
22. The Rainbow Slammers (Honus Honus REMIX)
23. Cody’s Candy Gyroscopics
24. Tighten Your Brood (Tommy Meehan REMIX)
25. Tighten Your Cheeks (Rossco Soletrain REMIX)

The Manx
Photo by Anthony Mehlhaff