PRIMER: 15 Records We’re Still Looking Forward to in 2012

Crystal Castles live @ Iceland's Airwaves Festival

Crystal Castles live @ Iceland's Airwaves Festival

In case you haven’t checked a calendar lately, there’s still two months left in 2012. So if you’re already compiling a Best of 2012 list, don’t, because the following records are worth your consideration as well…

LA Vampires with Maria Minerva

The Artist/Album: LA Vampires with Maria Minerva, Integration (Not Not Fun, October 30th)

Why It’s Worth the Wait: Not Not Fun’s co-founder (Best Coast’s former Pocahaunted bandmate, Amanda Brown) presents the latest in her long line of collaborative releases (see also: varying degrees of insane dance/pop/dub music with Ital, Zola Jesus, Octo Octa, Matrix Metals and Psychic Reality). This one’s been in the works for a while now, and features Maria Minerva’s future-shocked diva stylings over Brown’s broken-down beats, the laser-like synth lines and prickly drum programming of Nick Crozier-Malkin, and the masterful mixology of Brian Foote. Normal this will not be.

Pre-Order At: Amazon · Midheaven

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