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Crystal Castles live @ Iceland's Airwaves Festival

Crystal Castles - 'III'

The Artist/Album: Crystal Castles, (III) (November 13th, Casablanca)

Why It’s Worth the Wait: When Ethan Kath says, “We wanted [our] new album to sound like a completely different and new experience” and then makes sure to add how “we’d limit ourselves to one take on each song because we believe the first take is the rawest expression of an idea,” it’s easy to dimiss the producer’s claims as nothing but predictable DIY-or-die nonsense, spouted by a guy who now makes a lot of money playing shows that’re best suitable for punk house basements. But here’s the thing–Crystal Castles have maintained their messy but melodic sound on the duo’s third album, an effort that puts its ‘edginess’ on the same pedestal as its mangled pop hooks.

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