PRIMER: 15 Records We’re Still Looking Forward to in 2012

Crystal Castles live @ Iceland's Airwaves Festival

Nadja - 'Dagdrom'

The Artist/Album: Nadja, Dagdrom (Broken Spine Productions, October 30th)

Why It’s Worth the Wait: If mumblecore was a type of music–as opposed to an overhyped film ‘movement’, circa 2005–it’d have quite the advocate in this corner, Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff’s first drone-on disc in forever. (Or two years in Nadja time.) They’re joined by a live drummer here–none other than the Jesus Lizard’s Mac McNeilly, which lends a level of red-blooded noise rock to the proceedings. A welcome addition obviously.

Pre-Order At: Amazon · Broken Spine Productions

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