PRIMER: 15 Records We’re Still Looking Forward to in 2012

Crystal Castles live @ Iceland's Airwaves Festival

Brian Eno - 'Lux'

The Artist/Album: Brian Eno, LUX (Warp, November 13th)

Why It’s Worth the Wait: Like most people who spend their beer money on music, we’re major Brian Eno fans. Saying we listened to his last couple Warp LPs all that much would be a lie however. (All we remember about the last one was something about there being a lot of spoken word on it. Sorry Brian, but this is not open mic night on the Bowery in the middle of the ’80s.) LUX has been touted as “expanding upon the types of themes and sonic textures that were present on such classic albums as Music For Films, Music For Airports and Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks.” In other words, halle-fucking-lujah.

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