Steve Moore, Daniel O’Sullivan Channel ‘The Lost Boys’, Goth-Pop on Planet Mu LP

It’s taken them a few years, but Steve Moore (Zombi, Lovelock, Gianni Rossi) and Daniel O’Sullivan (Ulver, Grumbling Fur, Mothlite) have finally wrapped their first Miracle full-length. The aptly titled album (Mercury) is set to hit shops on October 28th through Planet Mu.

In the meantime, here’s the first official video for the effort, and some thoughts from the duo that decided to finally pursue their Schumacher-shaped teen dreams…

How did Miracle get started?
Steve Moore:
Daniel and I were on tour together in the States with Guapo and Zombi. He played keyboards in a band; I played keyboards in a band. We thought, ‘Hey, let’s make a band with two guys who play keyboards in other bands.’

How does it compare/contrast with your other work ?
SM: On my end, I borrow elements from Zombi and my solo projects, and together with Daniel put them into a sort of goth/pop environment.
Daniel O’Sullivan: It’s a bit like some of my music with Mothlite and Grumbling Fur in places—stacked vocal harmonies, programming, synths, mutations. Miracle is leaner and a bit meaner.

What’s the story behind your “Miracle” video?
SM: Your pain, nightmares and fears are self-perpetuating in that they are being bought and marketed back to you, sold and resold until they eventually hold no meaning. The universe is completely apathetic to your plight.
DOS: The artist who made it was off jaunting around Zion for a few weeks and he took his pet with him.

If you’re press release is to be believed, The Lost Boys was a major influence on this project. Please explain.
SM: It was a big influence on the new album, but one that we only realized in hindsight, when we read our press release.
DOS: It’s a nostalgia for my childhood; that film, among others, affected me and a lot of my friends at the time. It just represents a parallel teen dimension that I became sort of obsessed with. We see ourselves as the Haim and Feldman of electronic music.
SM: I think I can relate more to the shirtless, sweaty sax dude.

Why did this album take so long to finish? Didn’t you start it a few years back?
SM: Let’s just say it’s been a strange few years for us.
DOS: Retrograde.

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