Stream Ms. John Soda’s Loom Album and Read Their Track-By-Track Commentary

Ms. John Soda


Nearly a decade has passed since we last heard from Ms. John Soda—or founder/frontwoman Stefanie Böhm’s band Couch for that matter—and yet it’s not so easy to elude the grasp of the duo’s new album Loom. A token piece of indietronica like their longtime friends (and part-time employers in the case of multi-instrumentalist Micha Archer) The Notwist, it’s explained in full via the exclusive feature below. Look out for the album’s proper LP pressing via Morr Music tomorrow.

This song is all about being stuck in opposite or contradicting actions in your everyday life, such as pushing forward vs. being pushed, running away vs. running after, paying vs. getting paid. And trying to find a balance and not lose ground while these things happen.

Here I sing my personal hymn to my beloved heroes. I hear, see and accompany them while they sing, act, speak, dream, hope, shine and fill the universe. Nothing more to say.

We think and hope that caring for all the small steps, the way we interact, and things we all do each day weighs much more than focusing on one big action. In other words: one million small steps are stronger and more effective than waiting for a big change to come and make things better.
Millions matter. Get together, act together. Millions will be heard, will be seen, must be seen.

This song is about weaving, combining and merging former ideals and hopes with reality. Start anew, refocus. A loom, a sparkle from way back. We look back but go on. We hold up the light and focus new.

A song about the core of friendship. True friendship. I’ll be there.

Life is a loom. It is all about weaving together what happens to us. Weaving together what we see, hear and experience. And in this special case it is about saying hi and saying good bye. And about how different things look when seen from different perspectives. And how difficult it is to bring these perspectives together in the end.

Sirens calling, calling to break out, pushing you on. A lure. Temptations. A promise. Decisions to take. Should we stay, should we go. Sirens calling.

So many names and things and rules. Sometimes we lose track but yet life goes on. Word by word. Day by day. Year by year. Consoling.

This song went through so many different stages. It took time but finally we found what we were looking for. Counting on and on, walking on and on, side by side. Looking out for each other. Sharing sight.

Stuck again in endless tries, in one-way roads. It is time to break free sometimes. Look behind the scenes. Take off the dry suit. Leave the road and find your way.