Stream the First LP in Bjarki’s New Trilogy For Nina Kraviz’s Trip Imprint

“I think making an album is always hard,” says Bjarki, “especially with all critiques that can be scary. In the end I just want people to enjoy what I put out without the music being forced into some category.”

To hammer that point home this summer, Nina Kraviz has pillaged the Icelandic producer’s archives for a time-lapsed triptych of LPs on her Trip imprint. Up first: Б, a self-proclaimed set of “ravey, sample-based music, mostly tracks that Bjarki never had any intention of releasing.” Which would have been a shame; as you’re about to hear in our exclusive #selftitledpremiere, these tracks aren’t table scraps by any means. They’re restless broadcasts from the great beyond, as if Bjarki somehow beamed us all back to a warehouse party in the Clinton era.

Have a listen down below, and look out for an experimental compilation (Lefhanded Fuqs) in August and a survey of restrained, hardware-based sounds (“Æ”) in September…