SUBTERRANEAN’S CHOICE: Ra Ra Riot, “Ghost Under Rocks”

Wondering when MTV’s gonna play music videos again? They certainly do on Subterranean, today’s answer to 120 Minutes. Presenting the show’s clip of the week, an s/t exclusive :

This week over at ye ole Subterranean Blog we premiered the new Ra Ra Riot video for “Ghost Under Rocks” and so naturally that is our video pick for self-titled, especially since they are (rightly) giving the album a “Buy It” nod.

The video is a pretty straightforward performance piece but director Brian Savelson uses this great world map backdrop, in the same colors as the album art, that at least elevate it to a performance piece on an engaging set. It’s interesting that something so simple could make a video seem significantly more sophisticated.

File under the embarrassments of blogging: we mis-attributed the Band of Horses video for “The Funeral” to Savelson after misreading his website when really he only did their “Is There A Ghost” video. We stand by “The Funeral” being one of the worst videos ever … for the purposes of showing it on TV.