TEST PRESSING: Download Three Dance Mixes From Justin Vandervolgen of TBD/Try To Find Me, Just In Time For Our Holiday Party With The Rapture

A classic !!! shot, with Justin Vandervolgen on the far right

One of the reasons we weren’t all that into !!!’s recent Terminal 5 set was the obvious absence of Justin Vandervolgen. The multi-instrumentalist/producer left the band nearly two years ago and, well, we haven’t gotten over it yet. That’s because his mixing skills made sense out of the band’s controlled chaos, leading to such modern dance-rock classics as “Me and Giuliani Down By the Schoolyard” and “Pardon My Freedom.”

Now that he’s focusing on two distinct projects–TBD with Lee Douglas, and the disco edit alias Try To Find Me (check out his new mix here)–we couldn’t be happier about hosting one of Justin’s floor-filling DJ sets at the final OSCILLATIONS of 2009. Details are here. Oh, and be sure to follow our Twitter feed for chances to get in gratis.

Now here are three mixes to give you an idea of what you’re in for…

1. It’s Freaking Time
2. Chaka Bra
3. The Lumberjack
4. No Man, No Money, No Time
5. TBD – What Is This?
6. Oooh
7. Whoa
8. Hey Yay
9. TBD – I Don’t Know
10. Racist!
11. Have You Anything Good?
12. Oooh Lord
13. They Say (TBD Mixup)
14. Come To NY
15. Forever (TBD Eternal Edit)

1. Try to Find Me – New York Style –
2. Try To Find Me – I’m Like Sooo… –
3. Try To Find Me – It’s Yours –
4. Tegwon – Dj Yogurt Mix –
5. Maserati – Inventions (Justin Vandervolgen Remix) –
6. Try To Find Me – Takes One To Make One –
7. Try To Find Me – You Have No Idea –
8. Try To Find Me – Like It, Then? –
9. Permanent Vacation – Zuckerhut (TBD Remix) –
10. Try To Find Me – Where To Begin –
11. Try To Find Me – Another Love Record –
12. Try To Find Me – Go Easy –