Sarah P Unveils Dreamy “LoveStory” Video From Her Who Am I Album

Sarah P

The post-Keep Shelly In Athens output of singer Sarah P. continues with today’s #selftitledpremiere clip. Available below alongside her previous videos and a complete stream of last spring’s Who Am I LP, it’s described as “a song about letting someone in, letting that person heal your wounds.”

“The lyrics are straight out of my personal biography,” explains Sarah P., “but I think that people who went through difficult times in their lives can relate to the feeling of treasuring the company of that one person that’s got your back (whether that’s a parent, sibling, lover, or friend).

“Musically, I wanted to create a dreamy atmosphere,” she continues, “starting from the moments before one falls asleep until they enter the REM phase; combined with the lyrics, ‘LoveStory’ represents the quiet and relaxed state that our minds and bodies reach before we give in to the arms of Morpheus. Visually, we wanted to stray from the boy-meets-girl narrative and explore the themes of sisterhood, innocence, and worriless youth. It’s an ideal scenario, a dream. Unfortunately, youth nowadays has to worry about way too many things and innocence can’t come handy, but we’ll always have sisterhood, right?”

Right! As for director Eftychia Iosifidou’s side of this particular “Story”, she added, “We both agreed from the start to focus in a relationship between two girls and to play with the sisterhood theme. As for my images inspired by her music, I had in mind a dreampop aesthetic—colors and shapes that are vivid and flowing”….