Watch the Latest Video From Sarah Bethe Nelson’s Low-Key Oh, Evolution LP

Sarah Bethe Nelson | "Hazy" video

As the week comes to a close, we thought we’d shed some light on a low-key LP you may have missed a few months back: Oh, Evolution, the second Burger Records transmission from Bay Area songstress Sarah Bethe Nelson. It kicks off with the quiet storm chords and shimmering, soft-focus hooks of “Hazy”—the perfect match for Matt Alavi’s moody video, which he explains right alongside its #selftitledpremiere below….

I thought Justin Frahm’s album cover art captured “Hazy”’s lush moodiness really well, so I tried to make a video from that. I also somehow thought of a scene from an obscure ’80s movie that shows a group of teenagers faking their way into an adult singles bar looking for intimacy. Inside, the booths are equipped with blinking table lamps and phones used for calling other singles to make a connection. The blinking phone made me think of frustrated desire. We shot it all in a few hours, at the Make-Out Room, using homemade lighting including a modified Ikea light, an old table lamp, a toy phone, a bag of rhinestones, a couple friends, and some gaff tape.