Porter Robinson // Photo: Jennifer Rocholl

Nils Frahm Celebrates Piano Day With Free Solo Album

A physical pressing is also available to benefit 'the largest and most wonderful piano the world has ever seen'

Darkstar + Zomby

Darkstar's core duo lost their singer and gained everyone's favorite raconteur

Stream Ilyas Ahmed’s I Am All Your Own Album and Read His Commentary

A late-night listen haunted by African highlife music, isolationist anthems and a vicious second-hand separation

Catching Up With… Demdike Stare

"You can't ever say you don't like punk or you don't like techno or you don't like acid. That's bullshit."

Recent Tweets

“Irony. Utility. Pretext.”

"Themes of death and decay are unavoidable in this context, mimicking capital, stalking us in our sleep"

Stream Jlin’s Dark Energy Album and Read the Stories Behind Her Restless Songs

One of Planet Mu's strongest footwork releases, filtered through Holly Herndon, 'Black Swan' and 'Mommie Dearest'

Blur, “There Are Too Many Of Us”

A string-steeped, synth-glazed meditation on how screwed we all are

RELAXIN’ With Lolina

The more we hear, the less we know.

Demdike Stare Line Up Stateside Premiere of Live Häxan Score

Rrose is also performing a gong piece

Stream Exploring Jezebel’s Blackest Ever Black Debut

Plus check out a trailer for Prurient's new double LP, 'Frozen Niagara Falls'

Earl Sweatshirt Attacks Sony Music For Leaking New Album Art, Release Date

"It's trash to have to pay for someone else's errors"

Richard Fearless Explores the Entire Bureau B Catalog For Kollektion 4

A Krautrock-led triple LP featuring Cluster, Faust, Roedelius and more

Bok Bok
“Healing” Mix

Medicinal club music that's heavy on the house tunes and a handful of exclusives

SXSW 2015

A deep set of must-listens whether you're headed to Austin this week or avoiding it like the plague

Download Self-Titled’s Free Spring Issue

Featuring long reads on Shlohmo's WEDIDIT crew, Vince Staples, Kindness and Cut Hands, plus shorter fare on wild herbs, off-track betting, virtual reality, thrash metal and more