The Bug // Photo: Fabrice Bourgelle

White Fence’s Five Steps to Writing the Perfect Song

"Fuck them anyways; have they ever tried to write a song? Doubt it!"

Flying Lotus Reveals New Prog Album

'You're Dead!' is influenced by Pink Floyd, King Crimson and boundless beat makers like Actress and Matthewdavid

Stream Kodomo’s Patterns & Light Album and Read His Track-By-Track Commentary

The space where Mozart and Chopin meet Autechre and Aphex Twin

Wild Cub
“Thunder Clatter (Jensen Sportag Remix)”

This one''ll leave you light-headed
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The Unicorns
“Rocket Ship” (Daniel Johnston Cover)

A long overdue reissue of the band's breakthrough LP is due out next month

“The Clarity”

Their first new material in nearly 20 years, a "lyrical follow-up to a lifetime of marijuana enjoyment"

Samuel Kerridge
“Operation Neptune”

A queasy combo of pitchy air raid sirens and electro-shocked techno overtones

Nothing’s Top 5 Storytelling Songs

Discussed: Pulp, Townes Van Zandt, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Big L

Erlend Øye Announces New Solo Album

Stream two new songs—recorded with the Icelandic reggae band Hjálmar—here

Shlohmo, Jeremih Leak No More EP

One track features Chance the Rapper

Scott Walker and Sunn O))) Reveal Album Details, Release Date

'Soused' is due out this September

The Range’s Top 5 Breakbeats a Drummer Could Never Pull Off

"I wonder how Alarm Will Sound would tackle this one... I’m almost certain they would need to two kits."

SONG OF THE DAY: Perfume Genius, “Queen”

A bold step forward, leaving the spare backdrop of his last two LPs behind for more experimental fare

The Bug Discusses Angels & Devils Album, Shares New Songs With Grouper & Manga

"The aim has always been to overwhelm people, and immerse a listener in my interpretation of the fucked up, chaotic nature of existence"

Eric Copeland Announces L.I.E.S. Mini-LP Logo My Ego

It's like "a bunch of crying disco loops melting under the sun" apparently