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Mr. Mitch

Aphex Twin Launches New Web Store, Featuring Previously Unreleased Material, Rare Field Day Record and More

Laraaji Returns to All Saints Records For New Double Album, Drone LP

"Celestial music improvisation flows through my intuitive imagination"

NE219: Happy Meals Share An Exclusive Mix of Meditative Music

Exploratory sounds from Kraftwerk, Don Cherry, Bitchin Bajas and more

Francis Harris Launches Kingdoms Label For Reissues and Experimental Records

"Working within the confines of more club-inflected music was a bit limiting"

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Black Asteroid Returns to Industrial Roots on New Album Featuring Zola Jesus, Cold Cave, and Fashion Icon Michele Lamy

Rick Owens also had a gloved hand in it

Duran Duran Duran Returns With First Hardcore Techno Album in Far Too Long

"Ultimately no one really gives a shit what you're doing behind your gear"

Stream Teen Vice’s Debut Album and Read the Stories Behind Their Alt-Rock Songs

Sextile Meld Restless Synth Lines With Scrambled Memories on “Situations”

Director Melissa Cha Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Troller’s (NSFW) “Nothing” Video

"I wanted it to be dark, arcane and sci-fi"

Huoratron Shares the ‘Sound of Humanity Devouring Itself Limb By Limb’

Warbly Jets Reveal Latest Ripper, “The Lowdown”

Rock 'n' roll is NOT deader than dead

Craig Williams Brings Club-Ready Bent to Beacon’s New Single

Lee Gamble Readies New Album, Mnestic Pressure

His first for Hyperdub

Watch Best Available Technology’s Woozy Tribute to NYC Hip-Hop, “Session 9177”

Damien Dubrovnik Set Our Speakers on Fire With Exclusive New Album Excerpt

Taken from Posh Isolation's 200th release