Perfect Pussy // Photo: Jimmy Fontaine
Efrim Menuck // Photo: Richmond Lam

Matthewdavid Shares Title Track From New ‘In My World’ Album

Featuring a nearly non-existent beat, vaporized soul vocals and a flow that reminds us of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

The KVB Announce New ‘Out of Body’ EP

Featuring a former Stereolab member

Alan Bishop Revisits Raw ’90s Recordings on Limited Alvarius B. LP

"Songs about strangling people like you"

Stream Chris Brokaw’s ‘Now, Forager’ Score and Read the Former Come Frontman’s Commentary

A slow-burner driven by nylon strings and meditative guitar melodies
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Xeno & Oaklander Announce New Album

Stream three 'Par Avion' songs here

Four Tet Revisits Percussions Alias With Two New 12” Singles

Stream the project's lead single here

Twin Shadow
“To the Top”

Just when you thought dude couldn't get anymore melodramatic...

Stream Opéra Mort’s ‘Dédales’ Album

Presenting a "personal view of dead romance and anti-dancefloor reversions" from the French underground

Erol Alkan Takes Us on a Tour of His Record Collection, From Ministry to Manic Street Preachers

"I'd never seen moshing and wasn't quite sure what exactly was going on. But within weeks it all made sense."

PREMIERE: Cosmetics, “Honey Honey”

Grab a track from the duo's Record Store Day release as we continue to wait for their proper Captured Tracks debut

Stream Heterotic’s ‘Weird Drift’ Album, Read Their Brutally Honest Commentary

Discussed: Snoop Dogg, lucid dreaming, Dire Straits, birthing pools, U2

INTERVIEW: Freddie Gibbs On… Getting Compared to Tupac, Working With Madlib and the Joys of Backyard Barbecuing

"The way for me to relieve stress is for me to keep on living. Every day I wake up with a smile on my face. I’m out back barbecuing right now."

PREMIERE: Jincallo, “Turn of the Key”

A New Age head-nodder

PHOTOS/REVIEW: Godflesh + Cut Hands + Pharmakon @ Irving Plaza, 4.10.14

"Hi, we're from Birmingham, England."

The Faint On… Sewing, Skateboarding, Collage Art & Metaphysical Pool Tables

"These toys became my obsession, my identity, my self worth. They taught me about confidence, gravity and pain."

WIFE Announces Debut Album, Featuring Roly Porter, The Haxan Cloak and lie

The former Altar of Plagues frontman veers into full-on torch ballad territory

SONG OF THE DAY: Total Control, “Flesh War”

Taken from their second LP; may the New Order comparisons commence

Download Charles Manier’s Juno Plus Mix

Tadd Mullinix embraces the black-hearted beats of EBM and cold wave

INTERVIEW: Efrim Menuck On… Fatherhood, Tape Trading, Punk Rock Politicking and the Paralyzing Power of Fear

Stream Pharmakon’s Nancy Sinatra Cover

Quite possibly the creepiest "Bang Bang" cover you'll ever hear