Broughton’s Rules

A couple Don Cab alums hit the ground running with their guitars on blast

Waxwork Records

"What did Suicide say in 'Return of the Living Dead'? 'This ain’t some fuckin’ costume! It’s a way of life!'"

“C U In Hell” (Suicide Commando Cover)

Get in the holiday spirit with a tortured take on a Belgian beat classic

Dark Entries Share An Exclusive Halloween Mix, Featuring Lots of Foggy Dance Music

Dance yourself to death alongside the Cure, Goblin, Psychic TV , Fad Gadget, Sisters of Mercy, Ministry and more

Recent Tweets


Featuring the boom-bap brilliance of fellow Anticon. alum Odd Nosdam

LIVE PHOTOS/REVIEW: Unsound Festival 2014

Featuring Swans, Pharmakon, Craig Leon, Vladislav Delay, The Bug, Grouper, Rrose, Ben Frost and more


Slow-burning minimalism from former ISIS frontman Aaron Turner and his SIGE Records co-founder Faith Coloccia

Marilyn Manson
“Third Day of a Seven Day Binge”

Could this be a return to the glammed-up 'Mechanical Animals' era?

Juju & Jordash Announce New Album, Clean-Cut

Stream a sampler from it here

NE165: An Exclusive Mix By… Gudrun Gut

Featuring some Krautrock classics alongside selections from Arthur Russell, Moondog, Anika and more

Mick Finesse & Pinion
“Dead Boyfriend Alley”

The NIN nod is intentional

Aquarian’s Napa Cabbage Kimchi Recipe

A modern take that doesn't involve digging a hole in the ground

Scott Walker + SunnO)))

A short film directed by Stephen O'Malley collaborator Gisèle Vienne

Panda Bear Releases Surprise EP, Shares New Album Details

You might want to pop a Dramamine before watching the "Mr. Noah" video

(Feat. D Double E)
“Screwed On”

Download a thick slab of street bass, and check out another track featuring Trim