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Damon Eliza Palermo
“River Drum”

An early look at the first proper ambient LP from the Magic Touch/Mi Ami alum

Listen To This! Present an Exclusive ’80s Mix of Experimental Japanese Music

Stream Andrew Kidman’s Box Set and Read the Stories Behind His Surf Soundtracks

Discussed: Nina Simone, David Crosby, passing rainstorms and more

NE186: Cowboy Rhythmbox’s “Outernational Flight Vol. 1” Mix

An exclusive featuring Suicide, The Sisters of Mercy, In Flagranti and more

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Stream Coke Weed’s New Album and Read the Stories Behind Their Art-Rock Songs

Discussed: endless Bowie kicks, bad acid, and rubbing up on Bootsy Collins

Torres’ Favorite Kraftwerk Records

"The intro alone had my eyes rolling back into my head in ecstasy"

Donato Dozzy Explores Altered States and Mouth Harps on The Loud Silence

Free your mind and the rest will follow

Peaking Lights
Punky Reggae Party Mix

Swans’ Norman Westberg Announces Room40 Reissue of Limited Solo LP

Stars of the Lid meets Swans? Yep.

Sub Pop Readies Vinyl Box Set of Rare Mark Lanegan Records, One Way Street

Stream Ms. John Soda’s Loom Album and Read Their Track-By-Track Commentary

Sunn O))) Reveal New Album, Kannon

As inspired by the goddess of mercy and featuring Attila Csihar, Oren Ambarchi and more

Flying Lotus Discusses WOKE Project, Shares FUCKKKYOUUU Trailer

An album featuring Shabazz Palaces, George Clinton, Jeremiah Jae and Thundercat may be on the way

Benoît Pioulard Announces Noyaux EP, PERILS Album With Kyle Bobby Dunn

Sample a song from both here