“Black Shadows”

"When I got there I kinda stepped back and was like; oh it's just a fucking M!"

NE167: An Exclusive Mix By… Juan MacLean

A set celebrating "records that are dark, brooding, and don’t really go anywhere"


A clip that's as unnervingly still as the chilly drone cut that drives it

“Sur Le Ventre”

"Ass by the ants, nose up the stars , we're moving, oh yes, we're moving"

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Oozing Wound’s Top 5 Thrash Songs Not Written By the Big Four

"I'm gonna go full Howard Beale on this institution and show you the true greatness that lies beneath the surface"

Vladislav Delay Shares Ripatti Mix, From Recent Collabs to Rick James Bootlegs

Stream it alongside his latest ambient LP, 'Visa', and a separate jazz set

INTERVIEW: Azealia Banks Discusses the Self-Made World That Saved Her

"I was on the brink of fucking losing it... I thought if I don’t figure this shit out, I will be dead by the time I’m 20."

Thurston Moore

Stream the A-side of his Sun Ra tribute, featuring Hush Arbors, Samara Lubelski and John Moloney

Black Devil Disco Club
The Kid In Me Mixtape

"I've been making electronic music for 40 years. Times flies... But forget about it. Stay insane, like the kid in me."

Goblin Rebirth Ready Debut Album For Spring Release on Relapse

Featuring the rhythm section from 'Zombi', 'Suspiria' and 'Profondo Rosso'

(Feat. Robyn)
“Who Do You Love”

"This song is about how you can identify who you are by those you love. Those people say a hell of a lot about you."

Thrill Jockey Tap Dark Matter For ‘Doom Chuggy’ Mixtape, Limited Coffee Blend

Clark On… the Songs That Shaped Him

Discussed: Everything from Pantera and Prince to Broadcast and Bach

Aphex Twin Shares Modular Synth Experiments

Download 21 knob-twiddling tracks here; A/V mixtapes are also on the way soon

“Use Your Delusion (Odonis Odonis Remix)”

Two of Toronto's top punk bands collide head-on, spitting fire and nails onto a track that was tight enough as is