White Fence // Photo: Ruth Swanson

“How Can You Really”

After nearly breaking up last year, the duo's back with a double album

“No Sass”

The place where a young producer's fascination with Aphex Twin meets the polyrhythmic percussion of West Africa

Pharmakon Announces New Album, Bestial Burden

"I felt a widening divide between my physical and mental self. It was as though my body had betrayed me."

A Sunny Day In Glasgow’s Songs to Spite the Executioner

Selections include The Velvet Underground, Arthur Russell, The Jim Carroll Band and more
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El-P, Killer Mike Share Run the Jewels 2 Teaser, “Blockbuster Night Part 1’’

The album's a day away from being done

Deadbeat Launches IndieGoGo Campaign For Vinyl Box Set of Rare ~Scape Releases

"This period in my life was a golden age"

TV on the Radio Call New Album ‘the Best Thing We’ve Ever Done’

Watch the 'Seeds' trailer here and look out for the rest of the record this fall

JEFF The Brotherhood Cover The Wipers, Pixies and More on Dig the Classics 12”

They're also touring with Diarrhea Planet

Prostitutes Reveals Nouveauree EP

Grind along to the gnarled funk grooves of its lead single here

“Heart is a Drum”

The "Loser" sequel we always wanted, only it's now haunted by death not life

Joy Orbison Shares Lots of Exclusives in Radio 1 Essential Mix

Among the spoils: James Blake, Jeremy Greenspan and Pearson Sound

Untold Reveals Echo In The Valley Mixtape

A limited unmixed version is also available as a wooden USB stick

Prurient, Clay Rendering, Lussuria and More Set For Euronymous Tribute

Mayhem's 20-year-old black-metal benchmark will also be played in full

NehruvianDOOM, “Om”

Ring in the 10th anniversary of Madvillain with yet another solid DOOM collab

Joyce Manor’s Top 5 Most Underrated Rides at Disneyland

"About halfway through, you actually start to hope you get decapitated"