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The Field

D. Carbone

Clams Casino Collaborates With Lil B, Strangeloop On Debut Album Videos

"The more music I keep making, I just go further and further down my own lane"

Jenny Hval Announces New Vampire-Themed Album, Blood Bitch

The concept album is also inspired by Goth music and Norwegian black metal

Timmy’s Organism
“Back in the Dungeon”

"I love the idea of using wizardry to transmit VHS feeds into a person's brain. Like, medieval virtual reality."

Recent Tweets

Ocho, “Vines (Darshan Jesrani Vocal Mix)”

"If techno is George Clinton and Kraftwerk stuck in an elevator, this might be something like Shep Pettibone doing MDMA with Clan of Xymox backstage at Danceteria"

Alice Coltrane
Journey In Satchidananda

Deathwish Ready Final Cursed Reissue

A box set of the hardcore band's entire catalogue and an exclusive book is also due out "later down the road"

Gavin Russom Drops Live C//TY CLUB Set Through InDisarray

Lee Gamble Shares Two New Tracks

Taken from his 'Chain Kinematics' EP

Stream Antwood’s New Planet Mu Album and Read His Track-By-Track Commentary

So THAT's why it references everything from 'Mortal Kombat' to Kenny G

Useless Eaters
“Electrical Outlet”

"The groove insists, the synth circles like a cop car, and the guitar chimes like an unexpected doorbell in a strange apartment"

We Gave Nite Jewel $33 To Sift Through Other Music’s Stacks

One from the s/t archives, in honor of our favorite record shop's passing

Other Music Confirms June Closing

New York, we love you, but you've let us down for the last time

Solar Bears On… Severe Oceanscapes, Cannibalistic Anime Characters, and Locally Sourced Psilocybin

Stream Psychic Temple’s III Album and Read Chris Schlarb’s Commentary

"People would not believe how many songs I've written while watching UFC fights. Dozens."