Cheena Announce Glammy Debut Album, Spend the Night With…


Cheena—the glamdammit side project of Pharmakon and members of such fellow NYC shredders as Crazy Spirit, L.O.T.I.O.N., and Hank Wood & The Hammerheads—has announced its debut album for Sacred Bones. Due out August 5th, Spend the Night With… is described as “a soundtrack to nights where revelry and lust are never isolated from poor decisions and vanity, where the grave sincerity of a bathroom confession explodes into cruelty and hysteria. Nights on busy streets or crowded subway cars coloured with elegant ambition and constrained by the practicality of street smarts.”


Cheena album cover

Spend the Night With…
(Sacred Bones, August 5th)

1. Cry For Help
2. Fever
3. Car
4. Jane
5. Electric Snoopy Gang
6. Stupor
7. Tarzan
8. 7 Nights
9. Liberated Animal
10. Lost My Way
11. M.E. (Bonus Track)