Dntel Announces New Album, Human Voice


Judging by the title of Jimmy Tamborello’s latest Dntel LP—Human Voice, due out September 23rd through Leaving/Stones Throw—you’d think he just completed another guest-heavy collection of synth-and-sample-laced pop songs. Not quite; the voices here are actually quite inhuman, a cast of paranoid androids lost in a complex lattice of avant-dance loops.

To help listeners understand the thought process behind the album, a bonus cassette of Human Voice Outtakes will also be available through Leaving, including six instrumental takes and the live Boiler Room set below, which is available alongside the record’s footwork-leaning lead single…

Dntel - 'Human Voice' album art

Human Voice:
1. Human Voice
2. Fringes of Focus
3. If I Stay a Minute
4. Bike Path
5. Foraya
6. Connections
7. Bay Loop
8. Ashby