NE209: Emptyset Share Exclusive Mix of Experimental Music



Considering how complex Emptyset’s sound designs are, we thought we’d ask James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas to channel a few of their influences in an exclusive Needle Exchange mix. Here’s what the Berlin duo has to say about it, followed by album streams (including their recently released Thrill Jockey debut, Borders) and trippy videos:

This mix brings together material from musicians and composers whose approach inspired and informed the ideas of ‘Borders’. It features a variety of production methods—from the electronic to the acoustic to field recordings and vocalization—and reflects a broad range of practices that have connected the use of sound and rhythm with transcendent sonic potential and the ceremonial power of music.

00.00 Chris Watson – Vatnajokull
02.30 Eliane Radigue – Jetson Mila
03.40 Sounds for Life – Singing Bowl
07.00 Kontakion – Toaca and Bells
08.40 Cevdet Erek – Dicycles
12.10 Rob Thorne & Fis – Pitched Putatara
14.20 Carol Weaver – Riding the Wave
16.40 Glen Velez – Bodhran
21.20 Gnawa from Marrakech – Aada
23.50 Nusrat Ali Khan – Beh Haadh Ramza Dhasdha (He Manifests Himself In Many Forms)
31.00 Laraaji – In Continuum
34.20 Z’EV – Act One (Base Drums)
36.20 Emptyset – Descent
39.50 DJ Chino – Dhol Beat 8
43.40 Pauline Oliveros – The Day I Disconnected The Erase Head & Forgot To Reconnect It