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5 Things That Didn’t Suck in 2014

Kyle Bobby Dunn


There are some top stores and finds in this city. I recently came across a practically mint original pressing of Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk record (which has fixed up to become my favorite of theirs) for a mere toonie. That’s a two dollar coin in Canada. Other places like Aux 33 Tours and even Sonorama have become much loved for getting some golden ones in. Sonorama had Arvo Pärt’s Arbos on vinyl recently, which I stupidly neglected. There’s also some other nice ones scattered in the Plateau and all over worth checking out if you ever brave the cold hearted beast of a city.

As long as you have had enough coffee and the right headphones or mental preparation, a long walk alone in strange areas can be really other dimensional. I do it for therapy but also a better understanding of the difficulty in understanding. Especially of the self. Call it a self-titled exercise I guess but I’ve Dunn it for years and it still brings me great creeps and joy from time to time.

I guess it might go without saying for some that I have been mildly alcoholic over the years, but I still really enjoy most of it. I stopped getting really intense hangovers after I realized the world is permanently hungover and thus created the song “The Hungover” from my 2012 album, Bring me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn. Quebec has excellent beer selection at many of its many corner depanneurs and restos. I still love a solid, full-bodied, smoky dry red or heavy smooth single malt scotch as well but I am sure it makes me more depressed than I already am or need to be. But key word: need.

One thing more important than alcohol is definitely a few strong cups of blended espressos or alonges or well Dunn drip coffee. I need plenty just to try and process the ridiculousness of the regular day to day. Sometimes I have too much though and that presents a new level of ridiculousness and even panic attacks, but maybe the coffee is just alerting me from the real panic that lay beyondeth.

Pretty amazing that really great food sources are still available in this mad world. It is kinda stupid how fast/overly processed food even has a semblance of a place when there are so many better options that are healthier and cheaper. I still really love a thing I came to call Le Classique recently, which is sautéed kale with white wine vinegar and mustard rubbed steak or a marinade consisting of Tamari soy sauce, garlic and mustard for steak to seep at least an hour in. Imagine selling that as late-night truck snack food. Chicken gyro poutine and flanc du porc were also big highlights this year pour moi.

Kyle Bobby Dunn’s latest ambient opus, the triple LP ‘Kyle Bobby Dunn & The Infinite Sadness’, is available now through Students of Decay. Stream a few of its drone-on selections below…