Former Ghosts
(Feat. Zola Jesus + Jamie Stewart)
“Past Selves”

Former Ghosts

“The two songs on this split 7″ are the final Former Ghosts songs,” says Freddy Ruppert, referring to the upcoming record he shares with Funeral Advantage. “A lot of things I work on often deal with my mother’s death and the affect it had on my life and this song goes into that as well. Nika from Zola Jesus and Jamie from Xiu Xiu both contributed to this track and I am very honored to work alongside them.”

As for what Ruppert plans on doing once his Former Ghosts project is retired, the singer/producer has promised more experimental releases like the musique concrète cassettes he’s cut for NNA Tapes and the animated film scores he’s composed for Czech artist Josef Bolf. Not to mention occasional fiction pieces like the one he wrote for the current issue of Caketrain.

In the meantime, here’s the fractured pop spasms of “Past Selves” and a couple recent recordings…