“Itaca Tropical”

NOIA - 'Habits'

To give you an idea of just how far out in left field Gisela Fulla-Silvestre’s indie pop vision lies, here’s how the singer/producer describes her NOIA debut: “[It’s] a reflection of my many idiosyncrasies—deep solitude, rigid eating schedules like a retired old man, nostalgia for an imagined future, desired memories of a better past, bread with olive oil and avocado, masturbation, etc.”

Habits is also bursting at the seams with beats that ripple like rubber bullets and hooks so beautiful they transcend any potential language barriers. (Fulla-Silvestre is based in Brooklyn, but she was born and raised in Barcelona by activists who fought against Francisco Franco’s dictatorship.) Our #selftitledpremiere of “Itaca Tropical” is particularly spry, sounding alien and accessible. Here’s what she had to say about the song, along with a few other selections from the EP, which is set to drop on October 14th through Cascine.

“Itaca Tropical” is about a journey to home and how that idea of home shifts. The chorus says: “That vanishing point I see around the sun, that’s just a plastic island in my mind.” The closer we get to the shore, the farther the future seems.

Musically, it’s me trying to be Jai Paul writing anime music while chilling on a Caribbean beach. It features Mirko Lupis on the intro guitar bass, giving some sweet Afro-Peruvian vibes.

NOIA tour dates:
10/13 Brooklyn, NY – Trans Pecos #
11/10 Los Angeles, CA – TBD

# with Southern Shores, Soft Ethnic, Lemonade (DJ)