Softcore untd. Share Debut Cascine Single, “Sjansespill”

One of the weirdest tracks we've heard all year

Morly Embraces Her Singer-Songwriter Side on Haunting New Cascine 12”

Sun Angels Share X4TEP ‘Inspired By Eternal Notions of Beauty, Bravery and Blood̵...

Could it be Korallreven in disguise? The Tough Alliance? Does it even matter?

“Itaca Tropical”

Mt. Si

Take a trip to Tel Aviv with members of Superhumanoids, Kisses and Classixx

Airbird & Napolian
“Go to the Sun”

"We really fucked around with this one"

The Road Chief
“Is This Really Love?

Kinda like Chromeo, if Chromeo didn't suck, and the 'Beverly Hills Cop' soundtrack was up for grabs

Korallreven + China
“Spirit Away”

Now available: Slime by Korallreven, "one of the most effective slimes for healing people, plants and animals"

Wild Cub
“Thunder Clatter (Jensen Sportag Remix)”

This one''ll leave you light-headed

Lemonade Announce New Minus Tide Album, Sign to Cascine

Stream its laser-guided lead single

Yumi Zouma
“Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up (Mark McGuire Remix)”

An Autobahn burner from the former Emeralds guitarist, available alongside remixes from Kaito and Wild Nothing

Keep Shelly in Athens On… ‘Blue Jasmine’, Virginia Woolf & More

LISTEN: Keep Shelly in Athens, “Flyway”