OAKE Lends Experimental Techno Exclusive to New 47 EP



You don’t have to actually attend one of Tommy Four Seven’s Berlin parties to understand where the 47 founder is coming from. Simply copping the imprint’s EP series will suffice, as its pairs the DJ’s own productions with the kind of experimental dead-can-dance cuts he often drops on discerning floors.

Case in point: today’s #selftitledpremiere, which finds OAKE setting a somber mood alongside shadow-boxed synths, lumbering bass lines, and a poison-tipped paean to the earth, wind, and fire. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Anaximenes is best known for his doctrine that air is the source of all things. In this way, he differed with his predecessors like Thales, who held that water is the source of all things, and Anaximander, who thought that all things came from an unspecified boundless stuff.

“Air differs in essence in accordance with its rarity or density,” he once wrote. “When it is thinned it becomes fire, while when it is condensed it becomes wind, then cloud, when still more condensed it becomes water, then earth, then stones. Everything else comes from these.”

Have a listen below, and look out for the rest of the record—rounded out by Ancient Methods and VSK—this Thursday. A subsequent series of solo EPs (starting with HeadlessHorseman) is expected later this year….